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my wife and i thought we would go out to a night club to dance this evening.we arrived early amd went to the hyatt bar for drinks untill the club opened.when we got to the club we were told that to enter the club a cover charge was in force.all good up to now.i was then informed that the charge for my wife was 70 dhms and 150 for me.i am pissed that a international hotel descriminates between sexes and has the cheek to try and charge me double.this is the last time i will ever go there,and as you know every person will tell 10 others and as we would of spent at least 700 to 1000 on drinks for the evening you can do the maths and see what a loss this *** sexist policy will cost.i live here in dubai and have been in this country for 3 years.i asked at the door why this policy was in force and the door man started wafting about this being an islamic country ect,hogwash!i would love to have an official from the hotel explain to me this policy.THIS IS A MATTER OF PRINCAPLE .my e mail adress is /i do not expect a reply

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You didn't get charged double what your wife got charged. Your wife got in for half-off you dumba$$. Be grateful.

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